Original Global

There are places that we never get enough of and the more we explore, the more we discover. Those places give us the opportunity to collect a precious travel material of colourful site images, historical information, mysterious fragrances, stories and fairy tales, joyful feasts, adventures and intense emotions and tie them all up in a magical way, which reminds us of the beautiful moments we spent in our journeys. Those moments are also the original purpose of traveling and what always remains of an exciting experience when we travel around the world. A blend of overwhelming feelings of wanting and liking, joy and nostalgia, felt with all five senses, cause us to enjoy the most of what we see, touch, hear, taste!

 Endless African seas of sand and waves of the Atlantic, lush dark forests of the North, mysterious Scottish lakes, white Austrian mountains, towering skyscrapers of the old continent, fertile Mediterranean valleys filled with vines and meadows smothered in daisies...Foreign words laced with smiles, movements and expressions, new looks and new faces, colourful dishes filled with unfamiliar flavours, made by unknown hands, new inviting experiences and adventures…

The traveler’s mind avidly records the pictures of the world, memorizing the most intense, creating unforgettable memory albums. It all starts with the eye.