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Created in 2007, Original Senses continues to set the tone of luxury travel and discovering the world differently. We are not fond of the mundane. We have always set out to be distinctive and passionate in all ways. The biggest attraction in every trip lies in the unknown. Every new place is defined by its people, history, customs and habits, and unique idiosyncrasies. What seems different and alienating may actually be more uniting.  An unfamiliar gesture, a strange sound, an unusual habit, the belief in a different God. Everything that seems so distant comes before our eyes, challenges our credo.

At Original Senses we choose to travel with an open mind and heart, approaching the unknown unprejudiced, and accepting of the universal truth; eventhough we may all experience the same things, we interpret them differently. 
The world is vast, extraordinary, wise, mysterious and rich in culture, color, sound and flavor.  See it with us, interpet it with all your senses.  

The Story

Founder and CEO

Sofi embodies the essence of Original Senses. A true travel aficionado with extensive knowledge, experience and personal connections in her native Greece and worldwide. Her passion for discovering new destinations is endless, driven by her belief that travel nourishes wisdom and personal growth. Her recommendations are based on in-depth research and personal experiences. She loves to share her findings and stories of places that exist off-the-beaten-path and far beyond the ordinary, touristic attractions.

Sofi Hatzivassiliou

People that make the difference

Social Responsibility

Commitment to the environment

As a Traveler - I research online, look to immerse myself in the destination's history, culture, nature, cuisine and try to learn the basic key phrases in the local language or dialect. I select a travel company that shares my passion for truly discovering a destination, while respecting the local community and environment. When I can, I chose to walk or ride a bike. I remind myself that a traveling holiday is an opportunity for opening a dialogue with a different culture. I aim at building relationships with the locals, based on respect and trust. Leaving behind any prejudice, I never provoke or offend local customs and traditions. I support local economies by trying local products, tasting local cuisine and opting for locally manufactured products and mementos. I respect the environment and appreciate the hospitality of my hosts.
As Original Senses - I transmit accurate information, provide services that are in-line with my commitment towards protecting the environment and helping support local communities.